MANUEL LÓPEZ-MONTESERÍN was born in Allonquina, a small village belonging to the
parish of Allonca (
Fonsagrada, Lugo). When he was l3 he participated in a group exhibition,
won first prize and, given his young age, made a great impression. The Diputación de Lugo
granted him a scholarship to study at the
Escuela de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid.
He participated in the Exhibition of Fine Arts in 1954. Despite being an unknown artist, the
critics dealt with him with rave reviews. However, his disappointment was so great when he
contemplated the art scene of the time that he decided to never participate again in official
competitions. He earned a living painting portraits and doing some solo shows. He has works
in private collections in Mexico, Chile, USA and the museums of Lugo and Aranjuez. In 2008
he offered a retrospective exhibition at the
Museo de Lugo. He is a musician as well as a
painter. He began studying violin at age 12 and later he also studied guitar and viola. He
completed his musical studies at the
Conservatorio de Madrid with the highest qualifications.
He is a member of the International Committee of
ACMP, an international organization
dedicated to promoting chamber music. He currently practices chamber music with friends
every Sunday at his home in Madrid. He is married and has a son and a daughter.